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There’s Nothing Trivial About Saving Money…

It’s Time You Stopped Leaving Profit on the Table

For many Ideal Protein Clinic Operators, payment processing fees are a necessary evil of doing business. You want to be responsive to your clients needs, but that comes at a cost. Now you can ensure that cost is the lowest possible amount…Guaranteed!

Even minor savings per transaction can add up to major savings over the course of a year. Offering your clients credit card payment options may seem convenient, but convenience is never free. Therefore, Ideal Technology has established an exclusive agreement with one of America’s largest payment solutions providers to guarantee your clinic gets the lowest payment processing fees available. Not only can your clinic take advantage of the international buying power of Ideal Protein, but you can have the peace of mind knowing your payment processing needs are in the hands of an industry leader with over a decade of experience. There’s even a signing bonus if you decide to switch providers…so don’t wait, get your free cost analysis done today!

Getting Started

Step 1:
Contact Ideal Technology and request a review of your costs

Step 2:
Independent Service Provider will contact you

Step 3:
Review is conducted and savings provided

Step 4:
Enroll for the program with no set up fees

Step 5:
Receive your signing bonus and start saving

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